How to be selected for a pet show and exhibit

SELECTION PROCESS - Exhibit/Show is scheduled annually in January

You can enter your photography in periodic photo contest with This site curator will select photos from these competitions for a "solo" or "group" exhibition.

The general philosophy of the curators selection for a solo exhibit or a group exhibit are somewhat different. Below you will find the general criterion for the selection process:

  • The photography submitted must fit the exhibit's theme/concept and create a visual communication that will engage the viewer.
  • Creative interpretation of the theme and originality of the photography.
  • The artistic, composition and design of the pet's image.
  • The impact of the work on the viewer in relationship to the concept of the exhibit.
  • Does the photo stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of photography.
  • For the solo exhibit only: There must be a body of work that lends itself to a solo exhibition within the theme/concept set by the curator.
  • Note: The quality of the images submitted will also play a role in the selection process. It is best if the images submitted are no smaller than 600dpi.

Image by: Lisa Padilla
Image by: lynda younker
Image by: julia Sugarbaker
Image by: Benjamin Heller
Image by: Curtis Anderson
Image by: Paul Crooker
Image by: Lesa Nivens
Image by: Benjamin Heller
Image by: Karla Dominguez
Image by: Paul Crooker