Process & Rules
  1. The Entry Process:
    • Step 1. Have your files ready to upload before you start the submission process. Select the contest you wish to enter and click the "Submit Your Image" button. Fill out the entry form with the Photographers information and the Payee information, if different. Select the "Number of Entries" you want to enter and "Submit".
    • Step 2. Click the "Buy Now" button to pay for your entries. You will be redirected to PayPal to process your payment.
    • Select your method of payment, any credit or debit card. You do not have to have a PayPal account. Fill out the payment information and click "Pay". You will be redirected to a confirmation page in PayPal.
    • Paypal will direct you back to the site automatically
    • Step 3. In the upload form fill out the information about the photograph you are submitting and select your image, then click the "Upload your image and continue" button. Continue until all of your entries are submitted.
    • The photographer and the payee (if different) will receive a confirmation email
    • If you encounter any problems or have a question please contact our tech support staff at <> and we will assist you.
  2. The Work Must Be Original:
    No photography needs to be shipped as these are online exhibits. You must be the creator of the photography and image file you or your approved representative submit to the competition. Your photo must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work, to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.
  3. Copyright:
    The photographer retains all copyrights to their photos without exception.
  4. Imagery and Content:
    This website reserves the right to remove content and entries that submit pornographic or hate related imagery.
  5. Entry Fees:
    Please see specific contest prospectus for entry fees.
  6. Prize Payments:
    Cash prizes can be paid through Paypal to the winners within 14 days of the notification of winning.
  7. Taxes:
    Winners shall be solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes.
  8. Age Requirement:
    This competition is open to all participants 18 years of age or older.
  9. Judging Criteria:
    • Does the submitted image fit the theme of the competition?
    • Is there a creative interpretation of the subject/ theme?
    • Is the originality of the image interesting?
    • Is there overall quality and command of the image being used?
    • Does the image impact the viewer in relationship to the theme?
    • Does the image stand on its own as a complete and outstanding creativeness?
    • The composition and design of the image is also a judging criteria.
    • Note: The quality of the image(s) submitted will also play a role in the judging process. It is best if the images submitted are no smaller than 600px.
  10. Non-exclusive Permissions:
    By entering this pet competition, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your pet on our website and in our newsletters, and in the marketing of the image competitions to the general public. Images will not be used for any other purpose than that which is stated here. All winning entries will be displayed on the website. Each entry becomes part of the public, historical / archival online contest catalog. It can be removed at a later date upon request.
  11. File Sizes and Formats:
    Your images are best represented at 1000px on the longest side and at a resolution of 72dpi.  The acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, and png.
  12. Original Work:
    We reserve the right to request proof that your entry is your original image(s) created solely by you. Non-compliance to this rule will be a disqualification of your entry.
  13. Repeat Entries:
    There is no restriction on entering images that has been entered to previous competitions.
  14. Multiple Submission:
    There are no restrictions to the number of contests a pet owner/lover can submit work to, nor the number of images they can submit, nor the number of prizes they can win.
  15. Submission Deadlines:
    Images may be submitted up until midnight Eastern Standard Time on the last day of the submission schedule posted. No images will be accepted past the posted deadline.
Image by: Lisa Padilla
Image by: Maria Woithofer
Image by: julia Sugarbaker
Image by: Benjamin Heller
Image by: Maria Woithofer
Image by: Daniel Barton
Image by: Lisa Padilla
Image by: Karla Dominguez
Image by: Benjamin Heller
Image by: Curtis Anderson