Submit Your Image(s) for: Cutest Pet 2019
Deadline: 09/25/2019 (12:00 Midnight EST)
Note: The best way to prepare your artwork images for submisson:
Image Size: maximum width 1,000 px, 72dpi
File Formats: .jpg | .jpeg | .png | .gif
Note: Have your files ready to upload before you start the submission process.
The Submission Process Is Only 3 Steps

Step 1. Provide the submission and payee information
Step 2. Pay for your entry with any credit or debit card through paypal
Step 3. Upload your pet photo(s)

Step 1. Provide the submission and payee information
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Submission Fees

$10 for 1 to 3 entries and $5 for each additional entry
All credit and debit cards are accepted. Payments are through PayPal.

Please Note:
"" will be the company name appearing on the PayPal transaction.